In Memory of SFC Brian Woods

As a photographer it is always a great compliment when a publication asks to use your photos in a story. Sometimes however those photos have a somber tone to them. Many of you have seen the photographs I had the honor of taking at SFC William Brian Woods memorial service last year. Many of you have read what I have written about those moments on my personal blog and facebook account. Nothing I have written or expressed however comes close to the story of Brian’s widow Elizabeth, who has been so kind to share her story with the Charlotte Observer in North Carolina.

Elizabeth Woods gave the Observer the gallery URL for the pictures I took for Brian’s memorial in Cedar Hill MO. I was contacted by the Observer about using several of the photos in a story they were going to run on Elizabeth. The folks over at the Charlotte Observer are great people and I had high hopes that the story they were going to run would be great.

Elizabeth Leeland, a journalist for the Charlotte Observer, is writing the story they have titled The War Widow. It is a seven part series capturing the story of Elizabeth and Brian Woods. The story is amazing, Leeland is a great journalist who writes with great passion for this story. As you read you will be drawn into the life of Elizabeth and Brian and feel the pain that Elizabeth went through when her life changed forever. I highly suggest the story to anyone who hasn’t read it The War Widow. Also, Elizabeth Leeland has been writing blog posts that feature more of the story that didn’t make the paper on her blog

Our photos were used for part 5 of the story, when Brian comes to his final resting place in St Louis MO. ¬†You can find them in the gallery here on the Observer’s website. Our shot Honor the Fallen, which features SGT Kaeding onlooking Brian’s hearse was used in their print version of the story.

We are very thankful to the Charlotte Observer for their interest in our photos, and want to express a very special thank you to Elizabeth Woods for sharing her story with all of us.

The rest of our photos from Brian’s Memorial can be found here

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