The three favorite words of any SEO expert. Content is the key to getting any search engines to pay attention to your site and rank you as rellevant for anyone searching for your type of business. Now there are books written on the subject and many really geeky debates as to the best methods, but to boil it down to layman’s terms (me), it means text and lots of it.

Writing the content however is more difficult than it sounds. Sure throwing up a bunch of text sounds easy, but Google and the likes aren’t stupid. They expect your text to be relevant to the page it is on.  For instance an about us page should have lots of text that is about us. At the same time as a business we want to communicate a very clear message with everything we put on here. A company’s website is it’s first salesman. So we want very much so for it to be a good salesman.

The difficulty arises in getting lots of content on your site that also sends a very clear message. Making sure from page to page the visitor feels a sense of consistency to your content, while at the same time things are strategically placed so that search engines know you have content they are interested in as well.

As we add more and more content to Open Sky Studios we hope your experience here continues to be a good one. Let us know what you think. Either comment or send us an email on the contact us page.

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