There’s a saying I have been hearing lately, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”. If you let it that statement will get stuck in your head. But when opportunity knocks it’s good to realize you are prepared and you are the lucky one who gets to take some pictures you otherwise may never have. This is how we wound up being introduced to Pushpak. My good friend Lee has been picking my brain lately about people photography. Lee has an interest in stretching his photography skills and venturing to taking more intentional people pictures. So when he told me he had an interest in taking pictures of his Yoga instructor my interest sparked as well. I told Lee that if he and Pushpak were interested I would volunteer myself and our studio lights to walk through a photoshoot. Lee would learn and shoot with equipment he otherwise doesn’t have and Pushpak would get all kinds of pictures for his studio. Lee and Pushpak were interested and viola as luck would have it we had a photoshoot.

Jacinda and I were very excited about what interesting poses we would get to take pictures of and how we would light them. Lee and I had spent a fair amount of time talking about some hard edge lighting that would focus on some of the rigidness of Yoga. Some of the positions that Pushpak would get into for these shots took minutes to get into. It seemed very fluid for Pushpak to move and contort his body, and once in the position it’s easy to miss the stress on the muscles, which is what Lee and I were hoping to light and capture.

We all are very pleased with the results from the entire shoot, but these are by far my favorites. Thanks Lee for the opportunity and thanks Pushpak for being so hospitable and flexible.

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